for Developers

This is a placeholder page for developer-oriented information about In particular it gives access to machine-readable representations of our schemas.

Machine Readable Term Definitions

Machine-readable definitions of individual terms is availble as RDFa, embeded into the term page html. It is also available in other formats by accessing term URLs, using the Linked Data Content Negotiation technique of providing the required type in an HTTP Accept header value. The same content is also available by providing an appropriate suffix to the term URL. For example the Triples definition for the Book Type can bet retrieved with the following URL /Book.nt.

The currently supported format types, relevant Accept values and url suffixes are:

Note: This is currently an experimental feature

Vocabulary Definition Files

To assist developers, files containing the definition of the core vocabulary and its extensions are available for download in common RDF formats.

Older releases can be found (under data/releases/) at GitHub.

Select the file and format required and click Download.
Note: File schema contains the definition of the core vocabulary, all-layers contains definitions for the core and all the extensions.

File: Format: